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Ima Wideman

Ima Travel Pro’s Favorite Tropical Island Vacation Spots

Tropical islands are the eco-adventurers’ dream come true with stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring wildlife, and unique outdoor activities. Oftentimes, these tropical islands can be seen as similar to one another, but this is simply not true. Although there are a lot of similar activities, these islands often differ in aesthetics and culture, rendering each worthy of consideration when choosing a travel destination.

Ima Travel Pro would definitely be remiss if we didn’t showcase our favorite tropical island vacation spots. Here is our top ten list of tropical destinations that you should consider for your next vacation:

  • Bora Bora, Tahiti
    There are endless opportunities for exploration in Bora Bora’s natural tropical environment. For the avid diver, the reefs are perfect for catching a glimpse of aquatic life, including sharks, eagle rays, and vividly colored fish. Bora Bora also boasts of picturesque hiking trails and kayak trips if you don’t yet have your diving certification. We also love Bora Bora for its lavish lagoon, which is known for its bright, turquoise hue. However, Bora Bora does not just offer the best in natural beauty; it also features delicious French cuisine and culture.
  • Turks & Caicos
    If you’re a fan of gorgeous beaches and luxury resorts, this vacation spot is for you. The Turks & Caicos are fortunate to have one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, which truly makes this site unique for divers and snorkelers. Additionally, these islands are known for their focus on water sports, giving you the chance to get your game on with friendly locals.However, those who prefer on-the-land fun won’t be disappointed here. For those who want to remain on land while experiencing the water, the Turks & Caicos are a relaxing fishing getaway. There are also plenty of party locations on the islands for those that enjoy more of a nightlife experience.
  • The Seychelles
    Near East Africa, the Seychelles are largely empty islands bursting with stunning natural beauty and attractions. Relax at this vacation spot’s white sand and clear, turquoise waters without the usual crowdedness of beaches this luxurious. In addition to its pristine beaches, the Seychelles offers activities in its coves, picture-perfect opportunities at its granite cliffs, nightlife at the capital, and large rainforests. While a majority of this land is protected, fishers will find delight in catching a variety of fish nearby.
  • Aitutaki, Cook Islands
    Aitutaki matches discerning tastes with stress-free accommodations, making this site known for its laid-back demeanor. Don’t be fooled; this island has a lot in store for the adventuring vacationer beyond just sleek hotel rooms and resorts. Some of the activities that visitors may expect include swimming, fishing, kayaking, and diving. With these activities and beautiful beaches, you may find yourself adapting to the easygoing lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants.
  • Palawan, Philippines
    Palawan is a lesser-known tropical destination that has stolen our hearts. You will find this island breathtaking with its limestone cliffs, plentiful vegetation and wildlife, and range of other landscapes. Palawan also has its own coral reefs, which has allowed divers to experience new fish up close. You will not feel as though you are an outsider in this village; every local citizen is accommodating and warm, especially if you are talking to one from a fishing village. The open personalities of the locals in this area are guaranteed to help you maintain your stress-free adventure and feel empowered to ask for the best in island activities.
  • St. Barts, The Caribbean
    As a Caribbean destination, St. Barts still has remnants of French culture, cuisine, and festivals. Typically, this vacation destination is for those who can pay a little extra, especially with the availability of yachts, high-class hotels, and other pricier adventures. Yet, if you are seeking to still have a great time at this island, you can always choose to picnic as one of your many reduced price or free activities that are open to the public.
  • Ambergris Caye, Belize
    As one of Belize’s largest cayes, Ambergris Caye seeks to connect the public with its culture, eco-adventures, and food. Diving and snorkeling can also be conducted here with its well-maintained barrier reef system, one of the best in the world. Anglers beware—the fishing opportunities at this site are almost too much to handle in one sitting, especially with bonefish, tarpon, and barracuda that you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Darwin, Australia
    When people think of a tropical vacation destination, many forget that Australia contains some of the same features and ecosystems. Darwin in particular has beautiful beaches and high-quality turtle watching prospects. Yet, it is truly the culture here that allows for Darwin to stand out among other tropical island sites. Darwin boasts of Aboriginal paintings from its ancestral days, perfect for the history buff. Additionally, Darwin offers biodiversity in wildlife and plants at its Kakadu National Park, ideal for a day’s excursion to learn more about the region.
  • Santorini, Greece
    These blue-capped churches paired with pure, white buildings are the photographer’s vision come true. This tropical island features a stunning depth of color in other areas, including its black cliffs, startlingly blue sea, and Perissa’s black sand beach. As a result, Santorini is largely known for its ability to relax the tired traveler and allow them to fully take in their natural surroundings. Learn about Santorini’s volcanic history here and create lasting visual memories from the wonders of this island.
  • Capri, Italy
    Capri, like Santorini, is similarly grandiose in its natural beauty. From a luminescent sea cave perfect for opera to towering cliffs to a ride up Monte Solaro for a bird’s eye view of the island, Capri is sure to stun the active vacationer. For those that would prefer to catch up on Italy’s fashion, there are plenty of designer and local shops to satisfy your particular interests.

Have a favorite tropical island vacation spot that isn’t included on this list? Send us a quick message and tell us why that destination is a must-see. Feel free to reach out as well for any questions about our services when booking your next tropical vacation.

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