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It can be quite daunting starting a new business, especially one that is recognized by every major travel supplier, including every resort and hotel brand, cruise line, vacation company, car rental agency and tour operator in the world.

I get it.  I was in your shoes once.  I just wanted a vacation but I found a career.  You can too.  I will provide you with all of the resources and knowledge required for you to be a successful & independent, home-based, online travel Agent and business owner.

I will work hand-in-hand with you as we both explore the possibilities of your online travel agency. i don’t just train clients to become great travel agents, I set them up to become the best travel agency.

explore my site and get in touch to learn how you, too, can be among the best in the industry. let’s work together on creating travel companies that create lasting memories for every client!

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Ima Wideman Founder ImaTravel.pro

Have you ever been thrown a lifeline and you didn’t know it at the time?

Traveling has been my passion for a lifetime. 

I have been fortunate enough to have visited many countries throughout the world. Five years ago I took a wonderful trip to Israel and Egypt. I visited the Sea of Galilee, the Wailing Wall, many temples and the pyramids for the first time. It was an amazing trip filled with history from every major religion. Truly a humbling experience.

Upon my return to the states, my mom suffered a massive stroke. I was working full time as a registered nurse. I was totally unprepared….