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Ima Wideman

Ima Wideman

8 Surprising Benefits of Becoming an Online Travel Agent

Who doesn’t want a dream job? If you’re part of the less than 30% of people working the job they’ve always wanted, congratulations!

But if you’re not where you want to be, or where you think you should be, it’s never too late to change course.

If you’ve considered a career as a travel agent (or not) perhaps discovering the benefits of being a travel agent will help make up your mind.

Working in the travel industry is a dream job that includes helping people plan their dream vacations. Travel agents do that every day and online travel agents do it from anywhere in the world!

Here are eight perks travel agents enjoy.

1. You Won’t Spend a Fortune

Most of us don’t have a nest egg tagged for starting a business. And many businesses require a fairly large investment at start-up. That’s not the case with this business model.

It’s not that you won’t need any financial commitment—all businesses require investment. Consider what online travel agents need:

  • Computer
  • Cell Phone
  • Internet Connection

Most people have these three things or can get them without spending too much money.

What you won’t worry about are expenses like office rent and other fixed costs that eat up your revenue. Most online travel agents won’t need incorporation fees. And you won’t spend a small fortune on an office copier or other expensive equipment.

2. Travel Is a Strong Industry

With a worldwide economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion dollars in 2016, travel and tourism is a huge industry. The numbers haven’t stopped growing either. In fact, the travel industry enjoys steady growth almost every year.

In part because of our global connections, people want to see countries they’ve never imagined visiting. Also, a strong global economy makes travel possible for more people. Don’t forget technology!

Travelers have access to a variety of travel apps that make traveling easier today. Map programs on a cell phone, dinner reservation apps, and apps used to reserve spots at attractions. Digital innovation continues to help the travel industry grow.

3. Access to Amazing Training

When considering a career as an online travel agent, you may wonder how you’ll learn everything needed for success. After all, don’t travel agents know all about destinations, planning itineraries, international travel rules, and travel software?

The good news is you’ll have access to a wide range of training opportunities. You might sign up for a formal training course. You’ll also find free training courses, sometimes offered by industry suppliers.

Many agents enjoy the benefit of participating in webinars. Webinars offer flexibility and in many cases, the opportunity to interact with other online attendees.

4. Work Under a Beach Umbrella

This is the benefit you’ve been waiting to hear about, right? Everyone assumes travel agents actually visit the places they sell to clients, but how does working at the beach sound?

When you work online, you have a portable office. Whether you’re in the mountains, at the beach, or traveling down the Mississippi on a river cruise, your laptop and/or cell phone ensure you don’t miss anything work-related.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you create a balance between work and fun, but what other job lets you dig your toes in the sand while researching airfare, or reserving a room at a popular Bed and Breakfast?

5. The Happiness Factor

When you sell travel, you sell happiness. How many people aren’t happy while planning a trip to Disney or booking an Alaskan cruise?

Unless you sell business travel, most of your clients will need help putting together their fabulous and fun vacations. They feel happy just thinking about traveling to their destination, checking in to their hotel, and slipping into a cool swimming pool.

And if you cater to business travelers, guess what? You can deliver happiness to them too. There’s nothing that makes a person traveling on business happier than a travel agent who takes charge of the details.

6. Sharing Your Expertise

When you know something that can help someone else, you enjoy sharing. Your clients look to you as an expert! After all, they’re trusting you to book travel to dream destinations.

You’ll have a captive audience who appreciates your knowledge. Whether you’re sharing what you know about renewing passports or talking up the many activities available in a foreign city, people want your expertise.

When you consider the vast amount of information travel agents have available, it’s no surprise travelers look to them first when preparing for a trip. Who better to educate a traveler than you, the industry expert?

Besides, it feels good at the end of the day knowing your expertise helped create a better travel experience for a client.

7. What About the Perks?

This is what you’ve been waiting for—discovering the perks offered by the travel industry. You’ve heard the rumors about traveling the world at a discounted rate. Maybe you’ve even heard about free hotel stays.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll get free nights at your favorite resort, you will enjoy some fantastic perks when you work as a travel agent.

For example, many agents who sell Disney packages, get free or discounted park passes. Travel agents also have access to deep discounts on hotels all over the world. And yes, it’s possible to have a free night or two in some locations.

When you connect with travel industry suppliers, many offer unpublished rates especially for travel agents. You may benefit from discounts on:

  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises
  • Attractions

Another attractive travel agent perk is the familiarization (FAM) trip.

Travel operators and suppliers want agents to experience their services. FAM trips—usually heavily discounted and sometimes free—allow agents to learn firsthand about a product or destination. Think of FAM trips as a learning vacation!

8. Spend More Quality Time with Family

We couldn’t end this post without talking about quality time. Whether you have a family or simply crave more time for yourself, time is certainly a benefit online travel agents enjoy.

First, since you won’t spend several hours commuting to a 9-5 job, you’ll have more time for coffee in the morning—with friends or the cat. Working online can mean more flexibility so that you can chaperone your child’s school field trip.

If you need more alone time, you can often structure your work hours around time at the gym, or time spent immersed in a book (the latest travel novel, of course).

Imagine the quality time you can benefit from when you’re not worried about leaving work a few minutes early or taking an extended lunch.

Interested in More Benefits of Being a Travel Agent?

We’ve shared just a few benefits travel agents enjoy. There are many more that won’t fit into one short post.

If freedom to work where and when you please in a strong industry with amazing training opportunities isn’t enough to inspire you, think about the other wonderful benefits. Making clients happy, sharing your knowledge, more quality time, and of course, the discounts.

If you’re interested in learning about more benefits of being a travel agent, contact us. We’d love to share our expertise with you.

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