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Ima Wideman

Ima Wideman

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Travel Agent

Have you been contemplating a career change lately? Maybe your current job isn’t satisfying? Perhaps you need a change of scenery? Either way, if you’re interested in creating a better work situation for yourself, a career as a travel agent could be right for you. The travel industry has several benefits and can be quite rewarding.

Have a look below and learn 10 reasons to become a travel agent.

What Does a Travel Agent Do?

Travel agents are basically customer care representatives for the travel industry. Travel agent duties include planning out itineraries, making calls, and finding the best deals.

They book tickets and hotels, and they also have inside information about certain destinations that can give you a leg up on other travelers. There are so many upsides to being a travel agent.

1. Work From Home

Now more than ever it pays to be able to work from home. Most travel agents were already doing this before the Coronavirus outbreak and just about all of them are forced to do so for the time being.

All you need is a reliable and preferably fast internet connection and a phone. Travel agents communicate through email and telephone with their customers.

2. Your Own Business

These days many travel agents set up their own business. You can do this as a host agent or an independent travel agent. There is a demand for this since 1 out of 10 jobs in the United States depends on travel and tourism.

When you set up your own business you call the shots. You choose the hours you want to work and keep all of the money you earn. Don’t forget you get additional tax write-offs from being an independent business owner.

Being your own boss will provide you an added sense of freedom that will empower your everyday living.

3. Low Start-Up

The costs to start up your own travel agency are small. If you register with a host agency they take the brunt of the costs you need to get going. They give you all of the infrastructure and tools to open. This will cost you less than $1,000.

They do take a percentage of your earnings but the money you’ll save in overhead and licensing fees far outweighs what the host agency takes.

4. Part-Time

You have the option of starting your travel agency business by working part-time. This is probably the best way to get started as a travel agent.

You’ll be able to work your current job until you build a network that brings in enough commissions to make a living. Remember, most of your earnings are commission-based as a travel insider.

5. Flexible

One fo the travel agent benefits is that you’ll have a flexible schedule. You can devote a specific amount of time to your full-time job or family duties while slowly building your clientele. The best way to do this is to set aside 2-3 hours a day at first.

Keep in mind you will be dealing with people from different time zones so you may have to spread out available working hours during the day.

6. Tons of Traveling

As a travel insider, you’ll have many options to travel. You’ll know about promotions, discounts, and unique travel packages other people don’t. There is something called FAM Trips you’ll have access to.

FAM means familiarization. They help you learn about a destination so you can speak intelligently about it to customers. Not only will you have amazing experiences at exotic locations, but you’ll also boost your income by being more knowledgable.

These trips have a packed itinerary so you can see as many different things as time allows. You’ll have access to other travel companies with thousands of discounts.

One of the best parts of all of this is that you are schmoozed and pampered by hotels and restaurants because they want you to promote their business.

Another one of the benefits of becoming a travel agent is that you earn free travel when you hit certain sales incentives from vendors.

7. Easy Training

You won’t need to take a long, expensive class to become a travel agent. A host agency can provide you with all the information you need to succeed. They typically provide ongoing training as you progress through the system.

If you possess a few basic skills such as being relatable and have a passion for helping people, becoming a travel agent will be a breeze. Also, the best way to learn the skills of a travel agent is on the job.

If you are in a jurisdiction that requires a certificate, these classes only last two to three weeks.

8. Good Timing

It might seem counterintuitive with many parts of the world on lockdown, but the timing is good right now for you to become a travel agent. You can learn the tools you need while everything is at a halt.

Then, when things open up again you’ll be ready for a big travel push from people all over the world. Also, travel insiders are more relevant today than ever.

Millennials view travel almost as a necessity and the demand for knowledge about the world is high.

9. No College Degree

You don’t have to rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of student debt. Most travel agents don’t have any type of college degree and frankly, one is not needed.

10. You’ll Be Happy

Being a travel agent is a happy job. You get to bring a smile to every customer’s face. Think of that feeling you get when you book a vacation. You get your travel confirmation number and dream of the possibilities of an amazing trip.

Whether it’s a small trip or a long holiday there is something special about a travel getaway. You dream of the places you’ll see and the people you’ll meet while sipping a mai-tai on the beach.

As a travel agent, you get to help make those special feelings a reality for many people.

Become a Travel Agent

Whether you’ve always dreamed of becoming a travel agent or never thought it was possible, you have all the reasons to become a travel agent today and get started with a new life, a new career, and a wonderful opportunity.

Contact us today if you have any additional questions or want to chat.

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